The Keep at Ridgehaven

Day 1

Introductions, also kobold murder

The adventurers: a Kalashtar Cleric Shashakti, requested by a friend to check out rumors of a death cult in the small town of Winterhaven; a Wilden Warden Sequoia and Githzerai Monk Ferron, exploring the world as half tourists, half anthropologists trying to understand the sometimes bizarre world they find themselves in; a Tiefling Pyromancer Dante, intelligent, bored and looking for interesting things to do (and light on fire); and a Kobold Rogue Okai, sneaky, cannibalistic and with secret motivations but a powerful fighter.

Traveling together as much for convenience as for safety, the adventurers notice tracks and hear a group of kobolds before they were to spring out from behind rock along the road to give them a traditional kobold greeting of peace and welcome, as they are entering their territory as it has been for centuries. To their surprise, the adventurers ignored their Spear of Friendliness and brutally murdered the women and children of the peace party despite their meager attempts at self defense. One kobold female slinger, mother of three, after firing warning shots to no avail, managed to distract the enemy kobold betrayer, kinslayer, with a non-damaging gluepot and flee into the forest.

The adventurers, not content with only slaughtering the innocent kobolds, delighted in ripping the teeth from their corpses and making them into macabre friendship bracelets. Covered in kobold guts and blood, they make their way into town where they drink, talk with the townsfolk and learn from the otherwise reticent Elf Huntress that there may be death cultists behind the waterfall southwest of the town. The party sleeps at Wrafton’s Inn, except for the wizard who, after juggling four beers with hands, tail and mage hand, failing to intimidate the innkeeper for a free room, passes out on the ground beneath the rooted wilden who had found a nice patch of fertile earth and manure to sustain her for the night.



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