The Keep at Ridgehaven

Day 9

This isn't Kansas anymore

Pet owlbear in tow and joined by a mysterious whispersmith (whose whispers are strangely compelling) the party follows the increasingly more agitated and driven Keljack through the Scar until they reach a large, red crystal obelisk. Running ahead, the outlaw reaches out and touches it – and a bit of red crystal that had been embedded in him bursts out and rejoins the obelisk, completing it and releasing the beholder trapped within. Facing constant barrages of eye-beams that paralyzed, dominated and burned them, the party overwhelms it with sheer numbers and determination. Keljack lays the final blow, freeing himself from the evil taint of the Far Realms that has been driving him mad (and keeping him young) for decades. Between a large chunk of promised gold and several expensive fragments of red crystal left from the obelisk, the party considers Keljack’s debt paid and allow him to retire in peace. Fool simply leaves, understandably not trusting the adventurers.

The adventurers find themselves drawn deeper into the Scar, chasing rumors and legends of strange new universes beyond the broken land. Bizarre changes overtake them and their surroundings, momentary lapses in gravity, unexpected transformations in person and property, memories and skills and tools not their own yet somehow familiar, even clouds of strawberry fog. With each change, some temporary, some permanent, they reach further and further into another universe, adopting its reality, becoming part of the world of Bas-Lag with each step. Some discover new histories, new personalities, even new races, and some remain untouched, but whatever they are and have become they have left the Scar and entered the Cacatopic Stain.

The Party Now:

  • Lokor, Scabmettler Runepriest – carves his body with blades, drawing out armor, weapons and runes from his blood.
  • Shashakti, Human Biothaumaturge – molds flesh like clay, rebuilding, redesigning and repairing bodies per her experience and strange sense of humor as a former Remaker
  • Okai, Vampire Ranger – strong, fast and accurate, he uses his undead strength to pursue his own hidden agenda
  • Ferron, Vodyanoi Monk – powerful frog-like legs propel him bodily through combat, and his symbiotic water elemental keep him safe in any environment
  • Drogon, Human Sussurator – his whispers can reach their target over miles, and can carry strong compulsions and demands
  • Dante, Tiefling Elementarii – summons and commands devastatingly powerful fire elementals for fun and profit
  • Faq, Cactacae Brawler – massive in size and strength, his bare hands, thick spiked skin and great bulk make him a formidable fighter
  • Fulgor, Garuda Barbarian – a birdfolk from the wild deserts of Cymek, he attacks with reckless abandon and great determination



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