The Keep at Ridgehaven

Day 4

Meet a new dragonborn teammate, almost get eaten alive by bugs, survive.

The adventurers are awoken by the sound of crashing thunder and flashes of light, emerging into the hallway to find the end of a battle fought by some woefully outmatched goblins and a rampaging barbarian dragonborn by the name of Fulgor. Every strike of his massive axe splashed lightning around him, not to be outdone by the bolts of lightning he cast from his mouth, and in between the roar of thunder and his rage he slays everything he sees. Bleeding, breathing heavily and unsure whether he faces another fight or possible allies, the party negotiates a potential alliance with him through small words and grunts of camaraderie. Determining they all seek the same reward offered by the town mayor, Lord Padraig (or Big P), they decide they will have a higher chance of succeeding together and negotiating better terms once they have all left the dungeon. The brawler in the meanwhile is reaching for the stars and rolling in acidic jello, having consumed a few too many of the wilden’s fresh mushrooms, and the revenant simply fades into the darkness, her motivations ever mysterious.

Deciding by a coin toss to continue deeper into the caves beneath the dungeon, the party very cautiously advances down an earthen hallway, avoiding pit traps and examining the corpse of a kruthik, a wild insect/reptile beast with poisonous spikes they found in a triggered trap. The cleric climbs down into the pit, grabbing chunks of decayed kruthik flesh to rub on their bodies in a vain attempt to travel undetected. Knowing they can travel swiftly through narrow tunnels, they walk carefully down the hallway, seeing nothing, but as soon as the tiefling falls behind he is rapidly swarmed by kruthik hatchlings, who appear to navigate in the darkness through tremorsense. By the efforts of his self-immolation and the arc lightning breath of the barbarian, he takes slightly less damage than if he’d simply been attacked by his enemies, and yet gets swarmed again when he falls behind a second time, the party being distracted by the barbarian falling down a second pit trap. Huddled together for protection and advancing step by step into the awful darkness, the cleric gains some courage and throws a magically glowing rock down the hallway into the kruthik lair, revealing a swarm of the hatchlings, three younglings and a full grown kruthik adult, spraying poisonous barbs and slashing with its six razor sharp claws.

The barbarian charges into the fray, disregarding all concerns for personal safety and flying into a rage, each smash of his execution axe sending waves of lightning into nearby enemies. The cleric carefully shoots her lasers of holy light with one hand, healing from near death to fully restored with the other. The tiefling pours fire from his ashen wand, burning the scrabbling creatures and lighting himself on fire at the same time, brushing off the flames with infernal disdain. The monk leaps and spins through the fray, bursts of fists and feet knocking the adult kruthik into a still untriggered pit trap, and the warden lashes roots through the ground to trip up enemies and shakes the earth with her fists, smashing the last of the kruthik hive with a tremendous crashing fist. With enemies dispatched, the dragonborn finishes looking through the loot he discovered in the corner of the lair mid-combat and takes most of it for himself, the rest of the party generally unconcerned with treasure, and the party takes a short rest once again in the remains and gore of their recently defeated enemies. Except for the tiefling, who continues to cast Fastidiousness on himself, and as such his robes are still unstained.



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