The Keep at Ridgehaven

Day 2

Let's kill more kobolds! No, lots more. I mean all of them. Okai too.

Following the elf’s tip, the party heads towards the waterfall only to be ambushed by a group of kobolds intent on avenging their broodmates and stopping the heartless murderers of their friends and family. Catching all but the monk by surprise, they pounce on the githzerai, knocking him unconscious three times before driven off by his companions. Surrounded, lit on fire, beaten with fists and gauntlets and completely run through with daggers, the kobolds fail to avenge their fellows and are stripped, robbed and tossed aside like garbage on the side of the road. One adventurer steals the priceless ceremonial dragon mask and holy dragon figurine of the wyrmpriest, and even cuts off his hand as a gruesome souvenir.

Continuing after reviving the monk, the party makes their way to the waterfall where they see a kobold picnic in full swing. After sneaking through the trees, they ambush, surround and brutally beat down one of the kobold patriarchs, an old (for a kobold) man reading a book on non-kobold greetings and peace offerings who had just made a very interesting discovery – which he did not have time to share with anyone, as he was beaten to death shortly after. The adventurers also find a new type of kobold, the minion, which goes down with just one hit, which they fail to recognize is because they are in fact kobold children. The warden, in full frozen fury in the Form of the Winter Herald, clad in armor of living ice, freezes parts of the river with the kobolds inside and shatters them like so much cheap glass. The monk and the rogue work together to surround and sneak attack more enemies, while the strongest kobold defender, realizing brute strength would not save his family, tries to sneak through the forest to try and subdue the invaders and despite having dodged a fireball, a radiant blast and a thrown dagger, gets taken down by a surprise thrown rock to the face from the monk. The wizard, realizing he can slay the kobold children in one hit with Magic Missile, starts knocking them down like carnival shooting gallery targets, and in a hail of fire, lightning and weapons only one kobold child manages to escape inside the waterfall to warn his remaining friends and family of their impending annihilation.

After a short rest, the party find the kobolds desperate attempt at defense waiting for them. After a flurry of aimed blows at the race traitor, knocking her unconscious, the kobold children’s numbers are immediately cut in half in a brutal reprisal. Making short work of them, the party grabs, smashes, kicks, burns and stabs the nest’s defenders while the clan patriarch and religious leader, Irontooth, waits with two other warriors in a hopeless attempt of taking down one of the invaders permanently before they, their future and their rich cultural history are all wiped out. In a flash they managed to knock out the horned, flaming demon, only to see him rise again through the unnatural force of the kalashtar cleric’s snapping fingers. Their surprise attack expended, they manage to desperately hold their ground, forcing the party to use ranged attacks as the strength of their god turns the altar’s tiles beneath them to holy ground, stunning and burning those who try to step on it. Undeterred, the party disables the runes protecting the now solo Irontooth, and with a combination of pillars of flame, leaping spinning kicks, brutal gauntleted grabs, upraised middle fingers and one final coup de grace from the supposed “healer” of all people, the entire kobold tribe that had thrived peacefully in the area (bar some cultural misunderstandings), all their children, their history, their noble efforts and priceless lives are snuffed out like so many candles before an uncaring wind. With his last breath, Irontooth cursed them to torment from his god Orcus and faced the middle finger and holy healer’s mace with a martyr’s resignation. Satisfied with their butchery, the group of adventurers loot and desecrate the bodies, ransack the kobold’s Widows and Orphans fund and eventually noticed their own kobold, the vicious Okai, had died as well. They shrugged and continued looting – she died doing what she loved best, slaughtering her own kind, and they were sure she’d return in some guise eventually to continue the task.



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